UHF Attendance System

UHF attendance system for school is a long range rfid based attendance system that can capture students at a distance up to few meters. UHF is fast and no blocking at the main gate. Antennas are wall mounted. Student's ID-Card is embedded with a UHF card. When student pass through the gate, wall mounted UHF antennas tracks individual identity using ID card, sends instant SMS to parents' mobile numbers, reports attendance and store data on web server/cloud for on demand retrieval. Complete UHF based student attendance system is GPRS based, plug and play.

About UHF School Attendance System

UHF school attendance system is a wireless long range rfid reader based automatic student attendance system. Students just carry UHF cum ID-Card and long range rfid readers identifies the student. Parents are informed by SMS and attendance is registered. UHF based attendance system for schools uses long range rfid readers that are completely cloud based plug and play portable and wireless. No computer, internet or LAN required. UHF attendance for schools, long range UHF attendance system has been clearly shown to improve student attendance and significantly reduce the time spent and costs involved in manually monitoring attendance.

How UHF based Student Attendance System for School Works

  • UHF long range rfid readers are mounted on walls or poles on left and right side of entry
  • Just plug power supply, connects in 10-15 seconds. Portable, wireless, plug and play.
  • Student pass through the passage where UHF readed are installed. Identity captured and instant SMS is delivered to parents mobile
  • No need of computer and internet. Machine operates on mobile SIM / GPRS
  • Online and cloud based.
  • Daily In/Out SMS and absentee report.