Most people are familiar with lanyards. "Those rope-looking things that people put keys on, right?" Think of a lanyard as being like a necklace for an ID credential. Made of a soft, fabric-like material, lanyards are meant to be worn around the neck. However, some people prefer to wear a lanyard around a belt loop, hanging from a pocket or on the wrist. Whatever's most comfortable! Lanyards are popular for a number of reasons: they're extremely simple to use (just put them around your neck), they keep a card up front and visible (when worn around the neck), they're versatile (available in a number of different styles and end fittings) and they're extremely customizable (great for brand enhancement).

We offer nearly 100 different styles of standard lanyards, or you can design your own lanyards and create near limitless possibilities. We've had customers use lanyards across dozens of different industries, but we've found our lanyards particularly useful as:A collection of colorful custom lanyards arranged in a circular fan pattern. Lanyards for conventions and meetings If you're issuing name badges to your guests, it's important to also issue a way to carry and display that name badge. The goal is to get something that's affordable and easy to use. Go standard and buy in bulk, with plain round lanyards available for as low as around a quarter each. Custom lanyards are also great for large conventions, as they offer a chance to print a logo on the lanyard each attendee will receive — hello, brand exposure!

Lanyards for schools If your students are required to wear an ID badge at all times, lanyards are a great solution. They keep a student's ID badge visible, and your students won't play with them as much as they would with badge reels. Lanyards featuring a safety breakaway are a great solution for schools as well: the breakaway eliminates worries about snares, as the lanyard will come apart and fall harmlessly to the ground if it gets caught on something.

Lanyards for colleges are a bit of a different breed: safety breakaways probably won't be required, and you'll want custom-branded lanyards with your school's logo, colors and text. Custom lanyards for colleges are a great item to give away on move-in day or orientation. Students can use them to carry their ID card or room keys. College-branded lanyards are also a great item to sell in your campus bookstore — let your students send one home to proud mom and dad!

We make the majority of our lanyards in our own factories, ensuring you receive quality goods. Give our interactive lanyard selector tool a try, or start designing your own custom lanyards online today!

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